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Exercising with Limited Mobility!?

Many people that have limited mobility think that they cannot exercise, that is not true. Although it seems like are many restrictions, it’s actually not as difficult as it may seem. By staying active, it will decrease the chance for other health complications to occur in the future. But first, consult with your physician before trying any exercises.

Let’s get moving with some cardio!

Cardio is anything that can increase your heart rate. For instance, rolling around in your wheelchair or dancing while sitting to your favorite song. By increasing your heart rate, you burn more calories.

Let’s strengthen those muscles!

To strengthen your muscles, use light weights, such as dumbbells, to do arm exercises. You can also strengthen your legs by doing leg lifts for a few minutes a day.

Let’s get flexible!

Increasing your flexibility can relieve stiffness and increase range of motion in extremities. So, try to stretch daily.

Let’s stay positive!

It may be hard at first to get into the hang of things and to keep a consistent exercise schedule but always push yourself to do at least a little bit of exercising or stretching a day. Start slow and build up from there.

Get Checked. Get Fit . Get MOVING!®


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