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Water, Water Everywhere...DRINK!!

April 18, 2018

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Water, Water Everywhere...DRINK!!



You know the scene: it’s festival season, and you’ve been at it all day. You’re hungry, tired, and your mouth feels as dry as a desert. But why all at once? You’re probably dehydrated! Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and losing too much over a hot day can affect a number of things, including your mood and energy 1,2. So keeping well hydrated is vital!

But Doc, how much water should I be drinking? Unfortunately that’s tough to say. Previous guidelines, such as drinking eight glasses a day, have been shown to be flawed 3. However, we think that the following rules will keep you right as rain during the festival season and beyond.


Rule Number 1: When you’re thirsty, drink some water! Our bodies are telling us something when we’re thirsty: we need some water! If you’re feeling parched, it’s time for a glass of water. But keep this in mind: as we age, we don’t pick up on being thirsty quite as quickly or as often, so you can be dehydrated but not thirsty at the same time 4.


Rule Number 2: If you’re hungry before mealtime, drink some water! Folks can sometimes find themselves getting hungry between meals, and while on occasion a snack is warranted, oftentimes water is the answer. Dehydration can stimulate the hunger response, so don’t discount that the next time your stomach is grumbling well before that next meal.


Rule Number 3: When you wake up in the morning, drink some water! While we sleep, we lose a good am