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Medication Flush!

Every home has a medication cabinet which has different medication. it is very important from time to time to clean it. Most medication will have an expiration date on it to tell you that it will not be good to use it after this date. (1)

How often should you clean out your medicine cabinet?

You should clean out your medicine cabinet at least once a year. Through away all expired medications, vitamins, and creams. It is important to through them away from children and pets.(2)

Tips on cleaning your medication cabinets: (3)

  1. Check the dates of every medicine in your cabinets, including ointments, and vitamins. Discard any item that is passed the expiration date.

  2. For medication written by your doctor, follow the one year cut off rule. Properly through away any prescription medications that are more than one year old.

  3. Through away any medications that have changed color, smell or taste.

  4. Discard unknown containers. If something is no longer in its original container and cannot be known, get rid of it.

  5. Do not flush medication down in the toilet because it can harm the environment. Here’s what to do:

  • Put all medication in a zip bag. If there are solid medications, add some water so they can dissolve.

  • Add coffee grounds, dust, or any material that mixes well and makes it not obvious for children or animals to eat.

  • Seal the bag and put it in the trash.

  • Remove any personal information on the prescription bottle (like the label), clean and recycle.

  1. Change the place of your medicine cabinet. Bathroom cabinet is not the best place to store medication. The temperature and humidity from shower can damage your medication. Medications should be kept in a cool dry place, away from children. You can store medications in a drawer in your dresser or a lock box in your closet




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