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Can you name a person that hates all forms of music? I doubt it, but if you answered yes, I’m sure that number is few and far between. In general, most people enjoy music and those who are not fans at all might change their mind after learning about some of the awesome physical and mental health benefits music can provide.

For starters, a person’s mood can be influenced by music. It can help improve overall mood despite the genre. That’s right, your favorite tunes can help regulate emotions as well as create happiness or relaxation in everyday life. Studies have even shown that music can reduce stress levels, lessen anxiety, and aid in social bonding. So you can basically feel emotionally lighter and make some friends as a result to “vibing out” to your favorite tracks. No age is exempt either, all ages from babies to our elderly can benefit since it also improves cognition and memory. Music is a subtle way to “keep an aging brain healthy”.

That’s not all folks! The effects of music go further than mental and emotional benefits. Studies also show how useful music is physically. More than making you bust some cool moves on the dance floor, it can also help to improve quality of sleep, and overall performance in regards to exercises. So with the right playlists you could be one step closer to those summer fitness goals by getting good sleep and great workouts. Studies have also shown that music can boosts the immune system, and reduce amount of pain you feel. So if you’re feeling sick give your meds some help and turn your tunes up for your bodies tune up!

Do you have a song that touches your heart? Well get a load of this! Some studies have shown that music can strengthen the heart, and even improve the recovery time from those suffering from heart disease. Sometimes it’s the small and unexpected things that can make subtle improvements in your life.

With Mardi Gras upon us, remember to get out, embrace the ambiance and most importantly enjoy and appreciate the music. You may feel a whole lot better afterwards!

Get Checked. Get Fit. Get MOVING!™


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