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To Flu Shot or Not to Flu Shot? That is the Question…

Flu season is here! Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. The flu is sometimes confused with a cold or 24 hour “bug.” Signs of the flu are high fever, sore muscles and throat, and being tired or sleepy. The flu is very contagious.

The flu vaccine is effective and safe in preventing the flu and its complications. By receiving the flu vaccine, you also decrease your chances of being hospitalized and possibly death. It is suggested that anyone 6 months and older receive the vaccine.

Myths and side effects are a few factors that stop people from getting the flu shot. Side effects include sore shoulder, fever, cough, and sore throat. A common myth about the vaccine is that it will give you the flu. The vaccine cannot make you sick, because it is made from inactive egg grown viruses.

If you have already had the flu, it is still recommended to get the flu shot. The flu can be caught more than once in a flu season, due to the different strains. The sooner you get the vaccine, the better your chances of defeating the flu!

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