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What is Diabetes?

Every day Americans have diseases that alter their lives. One of the most common diseases is Diabetes. Diabetes is a serious disease involving problems with insulin which is a hormone made by the body in the pancreas. It breaks down sugar obtained from food to create energy. Important signs of diabetes are extreme thirst, constant hunger, and using the restroom often. Other signs include extreme weight loss, headaches, blurred vision, and poor wound healing.

Diabetes when not controlled, can destroy the eyes, heart, kidneys and nerves.

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that can lead to death. However, there are ways to decrease the risk of developing Diabetes. Everyone can practice healthier lifestyle changes that decrease their risk. Lifestyle changes include better eating habits, being more active, and learning about the disease. Knowing your Diabetes and living well is important for healthy living.

Get Checked. Get Fit. Get Moving!™

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