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Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably. The prostate is a gland found only in males. African American men have, by far, the highest incidence of the disease: In African American men, the incidence of prostate cancer is almost 60 % higher and the mortality rate is two to three times greater than in Caucasians.. Knowing how to identify the early-onset signs and symptoms of prostate cancer is critical.

Signs to look for include: include:

-Burning or pain during urination

-Difficulty urinating, or trouble starting and stopping while urinating

-More frequent urges to urinate at night

-Loss of bladder control

-Decreased flow or velocity of urine stream

-Blood in urine (hematuria)

If you are concerned about prate cancer symptoms, talk to your doctor about screening and treatment options.

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