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What’s the Deal with Juicing? Is it Healthy?

While the fruits and vegetables contained in juices are heart-healthy, the process of juicing concentrates calories, which makes it is much easier to ingest too many. Eating whole fruits and vegetables is preferred, with juicing primarily reserved for situations when daily intake of vegetables and fruits is inadequate. If you do juice, avoid adding extra sugar by putting in honey, to minimize calories.

It's the fiber in actual fruit that makes the difference. It slows the digestion of so much sugar at one time, regardless of how it's made. Thus, lowering the caloric intake and the amount of stress on your pancreas.

What you actually "eat and chew" is the fiber. It's the texture that gives it substance. If removed, all you have is concentrated sugar-water.There is nothing wrong with the occasional juice (even every morning in small quantities) However, for those who 'juice' frequently and attempt it as a substitute for actual 'eating,' juicing can be a problem.

'Juicing' has been marketed so well that some people actually use it as a diet plan and don't realize the implications to their bodies. Whenever you can..." Yes, eat the actual orange…or pineapple…or whatever juice you like. Eat the FRUIT!

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