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You're Not Alone - Dealing With Depression

May has been Mental Health Month. Mental conditions are a serious topic that is not discussed often enough. The most common form of a mental condition is depression. Depression is a complex condition that can alter your life. It can change your relationships, how you work, and even how you eat. Although there is no standard for diagnosis, several symptoms are common for depression. These symptoms are loss of interest in former enjoyed activities, increased or decreased appetite, changes in sleeping, feeling worthless or guilty, and thoughts of suicide.The best way to defeat depression and suicide is to prevent it. The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) suggest prevention through screenings for all adults. Screenings lead to appropriate and effective treatment. Treatment can reduce depression symptoms and the risk of suicide. The best place to get a screening for depression is through your doctor. Asking for a depression screening is a great step in caring for your mind!

Depression is a disease, and it should not be handled alone. However, we can defeat this disease by getting screened. National Depression Screening Day is October 6th, but any day is a great day to assure proper care of your mind.

Get Checked. Get Fit. Get Moving!™

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