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Choose to Lose One Bite at a Time

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when attempting to lose weight is setting lofty goals and resorting to drastic measures. My grandmother always said, “Fast doesn’t last. Slow down and do it right.” When it comes to weight loss, these words ring true. Smaller portions of food and increased water consumption make the simplest recipe for success. Eat slowly, chewing each bite. Drink a bottle of water with every meal. Stop eating when feeling full - simple as that! Also, keep a food journal. Honesty is key, but writing things down is proven to create a mind-body connection that encourages one to not only accomplish his/her goal but also stay committed to the plan. Review it every day, and remember, no one is perfect. Just take it one bite at a time!

The average amount of safe weight loss is between 1-3 pounds per week. That means, if we commit to lose just one pound per week, we could drop 52 pounds in 12 months! That’s success in most circles.

Get checked. Get fit. Get moving!™

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