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Every major holiday comes with a party. The foods that are presented might be a bit overwhelming if you are looking to stay on the healthier side of the plate. There are ways that you can cut out all the unhealthy items and still throw a great party that everyone will remember for years .

First , let’s think of the drinks that you plan o serve. Soda, juice, alcohol, and other holiday- themed drinks. Just one 12 oz can of soda or orange juice contains about 39 g of sugar. A replacement could be a pitcher of cold water with pieces of fruits, such as peaches or oranges, to flavor the water. When you consume too much sugar, it will increase your blood sugar levels, and over work your body. At some point, your body can become so overworked that you can develop Diabetes. Signs of Diabetes can include weight gain or loss, excessive thirst, and frequent urination.

Other items that are likely to be at your party are chips and dips. A serving of tortilla chips contains more than 110 mg of salt and 7 g of fat, that’s only 7 chips per serving. One serving of dips or salsa contains over 280mg of salt per serving. If you were to substitute it with some baked chips or some vegetable chips, you can reduce way down the amount of fat and salt content. Have fun and Healthy partying!

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