Herbal Remedies

Do you ever wonder if herbal products are safe or if they really work? Do you remember the last time someone told you to try something herbal?

Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States report taking an herbal product.(1) It is important to know that herba...


March is National Kidney Month. Though we may not talk about them too often, these bean-shaped organs play a vital role in our everyday body functions (3,4).

Our kidneys host many small, but powerful filtering units called nephrons. Each nephron has the ability...

How many times have we gone grocery shopping for one thing, and then within moments, something else catches our eye? It looks good. It probably tastes good. Hmm…the list of ingredients doesn’t say “sugar”. That means it must be healthy, right? At first glance we may th...

As the number of prescription opioids sold nation-wide more than tripled over the past decade, drug misuse, abuse, and overdose has continued to be a growing problem in the United States2,5. Misuse and abuse can lead to problems like dependence and addiction. Meanwhile...

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